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Member, International Coach Federation

Tai Chi Healthways Certified Associate Instructor

Certified Instructor, Tai Chi for Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation

Aging-A Spiritual Practice

6 to 12 One-hour weekly sessions

$10 per class

For latest schedule and locations, please call 910.690.2937 or 413.269.0233 or email

This class is non-denominational but allows each participant to see beyond the body, beyond physical challenges and mental interference such as anxiety, stress, and fears, to who we really are.

Some call this God or Spirit or the Absolute, but through exercises, specific practices, contemplation and meditation, participants can begin to see that joy is not dependent on states or a particular age, and as we age, and some things slow, we can more readily see that which holds it all.

One thing we can rely on is change. Everything changes all the time. Aging can give us that ancient wisdom to see beyond the body and the little mind.




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