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Member, International Coach Federation

Tai Chi Healthways Certified Associate Instructor

Certified Instructor, Tai Chi for Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation


Some comments from Tai Chi and QiGong students:

"A great pleasure learning from someone so experienced and 'passionate about her work' teaching."

"Very excellent class - knowledgeable instructor made it easy to follow."

"Addictive, mind-soothing."

"Easy and slow and feels very rewarding."

"Remarkable teacher - excellent class!"

Student Evaluations (PDF)

Some quotes from clients and participants in Boundless Potential Living coaching:

"...Barbara Penn helped me work through one of the most difficult periods in my life and she really made a difference in how I interact with people. Great coaching for my personal life and very helpful with some professional negotiations in my business. I'd recommend her highly..." - Ouida

"You have consistently and steadfastly held a space that exudes conscious awareness and deep wisdom. I have benefited greatly from your clear practical advice, your guidance . Many goals have manifested over the years - I now have my dream, a wellness center. There is now an ease and openness to whatever life brings." — Linda S

"My sincere thanks for all that you have done to help me grow and learn. I deeply appreciate your balanced and objective, yet totally compassionate, perspective in helping me to help myself. I totally trust your intentions and feel completely at home with you and your insights and advice."
— Richard M

"Barbara has been my Zen teacher for many years. With her help, my life has truly changed. The care and wisdom of this relationship has allowed many of the things that troubled me to become distant memories. Barbara is consistent, caring, and wise. She has proven to be a true source of transformation." — Jeffrey S

"...Through the (boundless potential) process of sitting, face-to-face interaction and meditation or ontological coaching, I have been able to obtain a calm inner peace and freer spirit. Penn's process is a great practice and I would recommend it to anyone." — Laura

"I truly thought my life was over. I had lost my husband of fifty years, I was sick and I was tired. I wanted to just pack it in. Working with you let me see that there was more to living than just what I thought, and even though I am in my late 70’s, I have found joy. My body feels strong too!"
— Sara

“When Barbara was recommended to me I was at my wit’s end. I had been in traditional therapy and with my wife, couples counseling off and on for years and still I couldn’t seem to ever be happy.

  "I made plenty of money, but I didn’t like my job much and my marriage of fifteen years seemed to be falling apart. Barb has a wonderful sense of calmness about her that is not phony, plus a terrific sense of humor. Maybe it was the questions she asked - just right.

  "I started to see I had to make friends with the me I didn’t like. Right now my life, what I do is different from what I had imagined it would be and it is really good. I can’t thank Barb and Boundless Potential enough." — William M

"I was 80 when I met Barb. She came to my assisted living place. I was very alone, lonely and really wished daily I could die – join my wife “up there” or somewhere..anyplace but another day here. She taught us how to breathe well to see how tight in our chests most of us are breathing and then she showed us if we made our bellies into balloons we could breathe from there. I tried it and that night I slept much better. Anyhow, I found her to be a really kind person and a good teacher too." — Mickey W.

"My husband and I had separated, came back together, separated, came back together again and were on this kind of treadmill when we found Boundless Potential. We had done marriage counseling, individual counseling and so forth. I wanted a divorce but my husband didn’t...It was a slow and often painful experience, but through Barb’s help I think we both learned to listen without judging. We did divorce, but both of us still talk and I have recently remarried.” — Claire

"I thought I knew what Zen was - I had been sitting for over 20 years, mainly in California at retreat centers, I could sit a full lotus, I'd even taught beginners. But although I knew "Zen" intellectually, I realized I really didn't have a clue what it was about. What I have learned sitting with Barb is that these intellectual thoughts about Zen have separated me from life itself. I am not saying I am completely clear, but I now notice how often I try to make things different from what they are, and that has been freeing. Barb, and her teacher Joko Beck, don't just talk the talk, and my practice with Barb has, I think, transformed me." — Jane, Zen student

"After difficult cancer treatment, working with Barbara in simple Qigong and meditation practices and coaching through day-to-day challenges has turned my recovery into an opportunity for renewed strength and purpose." — Susan


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