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Qigong Therapy

Qigong therapy

Qigong therapy sessions are scheduled at locations in the Triangle and the Sandhills (NC) and in Berskhire County, Massachusetts, or at your home.

Suggested Fees: Private session at a local facility or in your home: $60. Series of 4: $200.

Boundless Potential Living offers Qigong therapy, individual energy sessions that remove stagnation or blockages in the body so that energy—oxygen—can flow freely, restoring balance, health, and vitality.

Qigong is a Chinese system that enhances the natural flow of vital energy or “life force” called qi or ch’i (pronounced “chee") in the body. The process of working toward a regulated, smooth flow of qi is called “gong” (pronounced “kung”).

Qigong therapy can involve meditation, breathing, and movement, but mainly looks at the major organ systems, as defined by Chinese medicine, to assess where energy is blocked—first by asking the client a series of questions and then sensing energy blockages in the cleint’s body through the therapist passing her hands above the client’s body According to Chinese medicine, disease, injury, and stress can disrupt the vital energy or life force (qi) of the body. By correcting these problems, people can lead healthier, less stressful lives. The importance of qi in health and well-being is increasingly being recognized in western medicine as a complement to conventional treatments.

Qigong therapy is offered to both individuals and groups,


The goal of Qigong therapy is to help the flow of energy through the body and remove blockages or stagnation that can cause disease.

A typical Qigong therapy session involves:


Scanning the body. The client lies on a massage table, fully clothed, as the practitioner passes their hands along various meridians, organs and acupuncture points on the body and to the extent possible removing these blockages so qi can flow and health start to be restored.


Customized gigong practice: Showing and doing at least one Qigong movement specific to the individual clients assessment for ex., if the assessment showed a major blockage in the kidneys, the client would be shown and given qignong movements that send energy to the kidneys.

Meditation or visualization: Each client is also given a specific meditation or visualization to practice that addresses the flow of qi. to target specific areas of the body where problems may exist.
Turn over to the client: It also involves turning over this process to the client by showing them how to use their own “internal vision” to notice inside their body, see various “sticky” or struck places. and empowering them over time to clear blockage


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