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Tai Chi for Arthritis

A special modified Tai Chi for Better Health program

A simple, safe and effective program for
arthritis and related conditions, proven by scientific studies to improve pain, quality of life & balance.

If your challenges include

  • pain and stiffness
  • fatigue
  • poor balance
  • stress
  • isolation or depression


  • muscle strength and flexibility
  • increased heart and lung function - cardiovascular fitness
  • fall prevention
  • tranquility and relaxation
  • integration of body and mind

For more on Tai Chi, see our Tai Chi for Better Health page

Research Studies on the Health Benefits of Tai Chi for Arthritis

  • “Tai Chi for Fall Prevention,” J of American Geriatric Society, 2007
  • “Tai Chi for Fall Prevention,” Advanced Nursing Journal, 2005
  • More at

Tai chi for arthritis class

For latest class schedule and locations, please call 910.690.2937 or 413.269.0233 or email

About the Class

  • Delivered in a 6 week series, 1-1/2 hour/wk
  • Private or semi-private lessons also available
  • All programs can be customized for your organization or group
  • You don’t need to have arthritis to benefit from this program!

Fees range from $10 to $14 depending on location and class size. Reduced fee for series of 12. Private or semi-private lessons at a local facility or in your home are also available.

How Tai Chi for Arthritis Was Developed

In 1997, Dr. Paul Lam led a team of Tai Chi and medical experts to design this program based on Sun style Tai Chi. It is easy to learn, safe, and effective. A recent randomized study (2001) conducted by three universities in Korea has shown the program to relieve pain, improve quality of life, and to be safe.

The program includes warm-up, wind-down, Qigong exercises, special precautions, and a set of 21 movements.





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