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Well-Life Coaching

Free introductory session

Find out if coaching is right for you and if BPL "clicks" with what you need at this point in your life. Drop me an email atemail
or call 910-690-2937 or 413-269-0233 for information or to set up a phone appointment.

For specialized well-life coaching for specific physical issues, see Qiqong Therapy

Well-life coaching combines the pragmatic, results-oriented power of life coaching with an emphasis on the wellness of the whole person.

The goal of well-life coaching is a life in balance, with the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life all working in harmony.

Well-life coaching creates a clean, clear space between you and the coach, staying in the present but aware of learned patterns that get in the way of living your life fully.

Whatever the challenge, the focus is on evidence-based practices that are streamlined, practical, and do-able, leading from being stuck to ease with whatever life presents.

Barbara Penn's coaching and counseling experience includes working wtih people across all ages, from children and adolescents to seniors, and across the range of life's challenges.

"Barbara Penn worked with me through one of the most diffucult periods in my life and she really made a difference in how I interact with people. I recommend her highly." — Ouida, a client. More from clients >>

The Well-Life Coaching Process

Coaching is always tailored to the individual, but this is a general picture of what you can expect:

Holistic assessment: What is the challenge or question that brings you here? What areas of your life does it affect most right now—mind or emotions, body, or spirit?

From this assessment, we set goals and plan an individualized program of practices—things you can do day to day—to achieve your goals. Possibilities include:

  • Mind-emotional: One-on-one or couples relationship coaching focuses on the present, with powerful questions leading to practical insights and actions
  • Body-physical: For physical pain or acute condtions, our initial focus may include Qigong therapy, Qigong movement practices and visualizations, or basic Tai Chi practices such as Tai Chi for Arthritis—simple, slow movements to decrease pain, improve balance and vltality.
  • Spiritual: If your concerns center on spiritual questions such as What is my life about? Is this all there is?, you may benefit from Zen sitting, meditation and daisan (weekly; also day-long sits and longer sesshins).

Our coaching engagement is typically once a week for a 12 week initial commitment.

Barbara Penn has over 20 years experience in one-to-one counseling and coaching, group workshops, Chinese healing arts practices such as Qigong healing and Tai Chi. More about Barbara >>


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